Jenny Rombai DE

jennyI have been performing as a circus artist on the slackrope since 2002.
Currently i work in the show “Mutin!” for the company¬† “L’art mobile”, Paris France, and with my new circus number on a hamac “Juste a ride”, in cabarets.

Born and raised in Munich by an italian father and a german mother, i left this city in 1997, for a big journey around the world.

I started performing on stilts in different situations like expositions, parties, demonstrations, parades, …

When i came back to Europe i decided to audition circus schools, discovered the slack rope at espace catastrophe, Brussels and followed the professional program at Le Lido, school for circus and scenic arts of Toulouse, France.
In spite of integrating some creations for theaters, i have always been most attracted to peculiar locations and situations for putting up a big show.

Our generation of contemporary circus artist have the skills transmitted by traditional circus and the freedom to use it in a new way.
Circus tecnique is a powerful tool, a sort of joker of communication that can unite, if well used, many sorts of people.
That’s what the Kimera project, and it shows, is about. Uniting, discovering, sharing, surprising.
It gathers for me personally two intimate reasons, on the one hand the tour from the city i chose to live in, thruogh my fathers country, and on the other hand, the continuos reinventing of the show, that stays alive in a a very special way, by being adapted to a new place each time.