About Kimera

The “Project Kimera” is a collaboration of international artists.
What binds us is a common vision: nothing is more valuable than the cooperation and exchange between different cultures. We believe that the results and experiences of intercultural exchanges and cooperations, are essential for the development and sustainability of the people and the enrichment of the environment.

Project Kimera is a fundamental member of the association Settevoci (www.settevoci.it)
Through them they share a connection to the historical country house Settevoci and it’s land near the Etna on Sicily.

3 casa con nonni

They encourage each other in creating opportunities to develop, grow and share.

The Kimera offers to create a centre for meeting and exchange in what was once the cradle of civilization in the west and the centre of trade and communication with the East, as well as a bridge between the civilizations of the Mediterranean: Sicily.

Connected in our vision and our work ethics, we are able to bring people together, to share knowledge and science.
We are an example of being independent together.

Our goal is to facilitate meetings between disciplines, and propose an exchange with the local culture by offering core courses, shows and conferences to the local population.

We hope to bring a breath of fresh air in Sicily in terms of new artistic trends, researches and studies from every corner of the world.

Is our intention to Create a space where artists and experts can work on research and personal creations.

The name Kimera itself is a reference to the greek mythologists figure “Chimera”, a creature which has features of multiple animals.

The Kimera links multiple arts, disciplines and crafts into
a synergetic acting association, it creates an environment
conducive to the exchange and cooperation between different
areas of study, research, arts and different cultures.