Evelien van Breemen NL

School for Graphic techniques Eindhoven, graduated 2001
Fontys, Art Academy Tilburg, Visual Communication, graduated 2007

Founder and owner of ‘Blikvorm graphic design’ (www.blikvorm.nl). After graduating at the academy she started working as a freelance graphic designer. Since 2012 also working as a designer at Commond, bureau for content and design. She gained much experience from working for various communication companies and clients in the past years. Designing logo’s, house styles, books and many other forms of print design and webdesign, working out strategy and visual identities.

Founder and board member of ‘Stichting de Nieuwe Wending’ (www.denieuwewending.nl), a foundation based in Tilburg that stimulates  artists of all art disciplines by giving them a stage to perform and connecting them to the public. The foundation was initiated in 2010 with the goal to connect different art forms to inspire each other and create new projects by artists working together. She gained much experience organizing and curating expo’s and events.

Her contribution to the Kimera project will be the graphic design, web design and of the ongoing process of communication to the public. Taking care of the visual identity of Project Kimera as it changes through the ongoing developing process but also the co-organizing of (future) events.