Guido Manfrini IT

guidoGuido Manfrini is an alto saxophone player, tour manager and promoter based in Bristol, England. He has a diploma in saxophone from the Conservatorio G.B. Martini of Bologna, and has studied with classical and jazz saxophonist Niels Bijl in Hengelo, Netherlands.

Since the beginning of his activity as promoter and tour manager in 2011, Guido has booked more than 50 concerts and performances around the U.K. and France, and has participated in the organization of several events in venues across the country.

As a musician, Guido has toured Europe extensively with his band Rumba De Bodas ( ), and participated in the recording of their first album as well as featuring in a number of solo projects, among which The Lone John Harp Solo Album: “smoke on British waterways” ( ).

In 2013 , Guido has been a delegate to the World Music Exhibition in Cardiff in partnership with Continental Drifts, one of the chief event organization companies in the U.K.