Arianna Mariel Razzini IT

AriannaArianna works in artistic research and creation in the textile art. She prefers to use the recycled and unusual materials for the creation of sculpture-dresses.

She graduated at “F. Arcangeli” Art School of Bologna in 2005. She attended a triennial workshop of fashion modeller and then in 2006 she worked as costume designer’s assistant taking part of the editorial staff in RAI (radiotelevisione italiana) for Antoniano Theather of Bologna. In 2007 she worked as image stylist at atelier of ceramic design ” RicEiros” and between 2009 and 2010 as electrician assistant at “AIR impianti”. In 2011 she attended the course of fashion design at the IED European Institute of Design. Since 2012 she is busy in her personal production and she also leads basic courses in cutting and sewing in her studio.

The mix of past experiences (the research in fabrics, the dresses production, the set and lighting design, the work of decoration), is the starting point for all her creations. At the same time she feels artistic contamination is of vital importance. Project Kimera would be able to offer the unique opportunity to interact with artists from different fields and countries.

“My theatrical costumes need a body, an artist who animates them and makes them alive”. What drives her to participate with the project Kimera is definitely its nature as a center of knowledge, sharing and collaboration between artists. And the possibility to present her creations to the public.

Arianna offers to Kimera the creation and organization of small – performance art events open to the public, as well as courses on creating garments’ s clothing, creation of the pattern, and cutting of the pieces, up to the creation of clothes.