Michael Wälti CH

Walti_3Michael Wälti was born in Bern, Switzerland, in 1985. In his adolescence, he was busy with video games, tv, sports, and exploring sense and non-sense of young adult life. He started Kung Fu practice at age 16 and Lindy Hop at age 17. Both these activities he followed excessively. He enrolled at the University of Bern in 2004 for language studies in German and English, but dropped them after realizing that the library will never be his home. He bought tights, and decided to give it a shot to become a dancer. After two years of pre-school at the Akardance Bern, Michael got accepted at the Modern Theater Dance department at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. He graduated in 2012 and worked for Choreographers like Itamar Serussi, Vloeistof, Cie Woest, Floortje Doeksen, Gabriella Maiorino, and others.
In Bern, he is a founding member of the Bern Retour Kollektiv for which he choreographed “Wash my Feet, Kiss my Eyes” (2010), “Magic Arrow” (2011), and “Drowning Wood” (2012). In 2012, he enrolled for a Bachelor in Chinese Medicine at the International Oriental College, but dropped his study after two years. The study included subjects like Qi Gong, Taiji, Dao Yin, Meditation and many others. In 2013, he founded a new group “Bite Bullet Dance” with his dancers Sjifra Ijpma and Bryan Atmopawiro. For this group, he reworked “Magic Arrow” and premiered it in December 2013 in the Melkweg Amsterdam. It won the price of the public at the open stage evening “16 Minutes of Fame”.
Kimera is a chance for Michael to explore new boundaries for his work: as a dance maker to create work on site, to share this work with the locals, to get inspiration from the environment and collaborate with artists from other fields. Michael always sought big cities for inspiration and Kimera will be a totally new chapter and challenge in that manner.