Benedetta Monetti IT

She graduated c / o the arts high school “F. Archangels ” attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna – chair prof. Luke Caccioni , and AKV “St. Joost Academy” in ‘s- Hertogenbosch (NL) , address visual arts.

In 2011, she received her bachelor’s degree. During these academic years she was able to extend the technical and conceptual research in many areas , through the expression of diverse art forms. The route winds through the language of painting and artwork (by deepening the practice intaglio technique – engraving and screen printing) and the plastic language, ranging from installation to full costumes or mechanical systems for scenic performance. She often contemplated the possibility of integrating manual labor type of digital media, and in this sense it becomes essential to collaborate with other artists and multimedia experts. She has grown a keen interest in the performing arts, with particular attention to the relationship between visual and sound, action and space. For several years she collaborated with research groups and experimental theater. She got to know closely the work of some performers on the international scene. The intent is to bring together into a single large channel these different paths exploration, the common denominator aesthetic finds its place in the comparison between matter ‘futuristic’ and organic matter, including technological and material to recycle.