Martino Rizzi IT

martino copyBorn in Bologna in 1986, he has always been interested in creativity in all its aspects. He studied jazz and modern singing collaborating with various artists and local authors .

Meanwhile he discovered the world of costume design, working with some avant-garde reality as Decadence.

The constant search for new ways of expression leads him to interact as a model for several agencies in Milan and Bologna, then as assistant in the production of videos and short movies, and finally as an actor in films and plays.

Currently he carries out various roles in the project Ca’shin within the cooperative “Le Ali”.

“In Kimera project I see the potential for exchanges between international artists in every field of art: starting with the culinary, as a cultural and historical value (even organizing courses and partnership with other European countries), joining any kind of artistic experimentation. My contri­bution could be focused in bringing my experience in various fields, planning and managing events, courses and maintaining contacts with the many na­tional and international partners”.