Cecilia Alice Manfrini IT

ceciliaIn 1995 Cecilia starts to train as an acrobat: in the year 2006, after 11 years of Gymnastic at competitive level she begins her working experience in the field of Circus, working as a flyer and contortionist in the circus company “Circo Mistico”.

In 2007 she graduates at the course of Nouveau Cirque, at the Academy of Theater “Galante Garrone”in Bologna, Italy. In 2011 she graduates at ACaPA (academy for circus and performance arts) in Tilburg, Netherlands, with the specialities of Cloudswing and Dance Acro. In 2009 she works with the company “No Fit State Circus” in the show “Park Life”. In 2010, together with the other nine members of the company, she founds “Le Cirque du Platzak”. In 2011 she founds the company “Il Circo alla deriva” and produces the show “La Muta”. In 2012 she creates the company “Les Triplettes” together with her colleagues Leila and Katleen. Between the winter 2012 and the summer 2013 she joins two creations in Japan directed by the Japanese director Kazuyoshi Kushida. In parallel to circus arts Cecilia has always been interested in the research of body movements, in the arts of Dance and Performance, and in the combination of different art forms. In the last year she deepens her knowledge of the body by studying yoga and Indian Martial art (Kalarippayattu) in India and in the basic principals of Bhuto.

Cecilia is looking in her research through the circus arts for a mix between Circus, Theatre, Performance art and Dance.