Daan Taks NL

Daan TaksDaan is a Dutch writer, performer, organizer and visual artist. Dubbed ‘The Nocturnal Poet’, for his somewhat dark style, he is a well known figure on the Dutch and Belgian poetry stages. Solo, but also in many cooperations with musicians, video artists and circus artists. Daan has a lot of experience organizing events; for two years he ran a series of nocturnal crossover events (both inside and out), after that he was poetry curator for the Incubate festival, and he currently organizes a poetry slam competition in his hometown of Tilburg. Over the years, Daan has given workshops in creative writing to people from every age and background. Since 2013, he is a local ambassador for Poetry Circle, a network of poets and performance artists that gives workshops to young spoken word artists all over the Netherlands.

A multi-disciplinary artist himself, Daan Taks is always interested in art forms crossing over, and he loves the energy that working together with people with different occupations than his own can bring. Since the Kimera Project promises to incite a vivid exchange between various disciplines and people, Daan is very much inspired to contribute to it’s success. And the possibility to work surrounded by the rich history, culture and landscapes of Sicily is just the icing on the cake.