What we offer

The Kimera offers a center to bring into being and to develop on a personal level within an international network. The project Kimera includes several fields of action. Specified we distinguish 4 main topics which cover the purpose of the organisation.

1. Create a residence place:

A center for research, creation and exchange.

Indoor spaces which have an overmatch of possibilities to partake. Within a time lapse of minimum two weeks and maximum 3 months artists, professionals and researchers are welcome to take residence for work and practice.

2. Propose public events:

Public courses, conferences and events.

The intention is to create a crossover system between locals and professionals & artists from all over Europe and beyond. The following range of services is created to accomplish this goal:
– Conferences on subject of studies and research;
– Core courses; introduction, mid-level or intensive, directed by artists and professionals in residence;
– Public shows and performances, being a final presentation of the practice at the location.

It is our intention to create a system of exchange between the experts in residence and the local community. In this way, the Kimera Project could offer a wide range of services to the local public, as well as to the other guests of the Association Seven Voices .


3. Annual Festival

The organization of a festival.

A festival during one week; an overview of the past year is shown, combined with services of our partners. The program includes a variety of performances, courses and conferences. In this way the opportunity is created to meet, to learn and to establish the network. The festival is open for locals and participants within the project.


4. Interlinking and network

Promotion of Project-Kimera works at National and International level

Local and National level

4.1 Promotion of creations and international performances at national and local level

To maintain and increase contacts with cultural organizations widespread in Italy, we aim to have major role in this network. It is our intention to connect the Kimera Project with local cultural initiatives, both Sicilian and Italian, with festivals and cultural centers. The purpose is to contribute in the development of the local and national cultural scene. By offering a wide range of international performances to the local cultural scene. Meanwhile we offer the guests the chance to present their work in the country. The performances or works that will be created in Settevoci will therefore benefit directly from the related network of contacts from local festivals (Sicilian and Italian) in order to promote the dissemination of works and performances at Italian national, and local levels.

International level

4.2 Promotion of national and local performances and creations at international level

A database which provides information and contacts of an international network. This information will be made available to companies and projects guests. With this database the local and national artists guests of the Kimera will benefit from the contacts on an International level to further develop their creations. People find support in realizing their dreams and to go beyond their own horizon.