Il Palmento

Il Palmento (the millstone)

TheMillstoneThe Palmento is the middle size building of the complex Settevoci which will be devoted entirely to the project Kimera. Once renovated, the building will cover an area of 100 square meters and have a height of 8 meters.The idea is to create a space usable by artists and companies interested in creations and research, focusing on the needs for the physical work such as: Dance, Circus, Theatre, Yoga, Mime.

In order to create a versatile space that can answer to all the needs of these artistic fields the space should be equipped with:
– A hardwood floor that covers the entire surface of the ground;
– A wall of mirrors, with the possibility to cover them with a tent-down;
– The possibility of anchoring overhead ceiling;
– Good daylighting through windows positioned on the ceiling and the posibility to completely darken the space.

To give a chance to different artists to be working in the same space at the same time, it would be interesting to provide the Palmento with a system of sliding curtains that can divide the area into independent sub-spaces.