About Settevoci

Bridge between the civilizations of the Mediterranean. The cradle of civilization in the West and the center of trade and communication with the East. The accessibility of the location is accurate and the area itself is unspoiled. The apparent seclusion of the island, affects the concentration and ability of oneself in a positive and progressive way. For this is the maintenance of being a bridge and a cradle for intercultural passages in Sicily a special value.

The inspiration that Sicily provides artists, researchers and pioneers to perform, is what we inspire the people of Sicily with.

In this a mutual exchange is arising between the Sicilian population and an international mix of people and organisations. The Sette Voci itself is a Villa, situated in the area of Toarmina.

The surrounding is appropriate for setting up and practising in sustainable gardening and land use. At the slope of the volcano Etna; a center, with indoor spaces suitable for meetings, studies, researches and physical trainings. Which forms a concrete example for the environment and is supporting in knowledge and education.

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